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QGB - Searing Gidgee Lump Charcoal (15kg)

QGB - Searing Gidgee Lump Charcoal (15kg)


Searing Gidgee Lump Charcoal (15kg)


Our Searing lump charcoal was developed to serve as fuel for Blacksmithing forges but has now found popularity in a number of pits, including hibachi's, gravity-fed smokers, and travel BBQ's and is the perfect size to take care of those quick cooks using vortex accessories like a Kettle Kone.


The pieces of charcoal are screened to sizes approximately 20mm to 35mm. However, due to transport and handling, smaller pieces can eventuate. This product is excellent for those doing hot and fast cooks but can also achieve fantastic low and slow results when combined with a gravity-fed smoker.

  • Additional Info:


    • Additional Info:

    • Target pits - Hibachi's, gravity-fed smokers, kettles and blacksmith forges
    • Quick to light (especially when a charcoal chimney is used)
    • Clear burning – no smoke
    • Exceptionally high heat (maximised when used in Kettle Kone)
    • Never burn charcoal inside homes, vehicles or tents – it gives off carbon monoxide which can kill you
    • Never use charcoal in a gas or electric oven or stove
    • Keep children clear of both charcoal fires, hot surfaces and ash
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