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Firebrand Professional Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Firebrand Professional Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Lump charcoal has gone Pro…and this one is a game changer!

Experience that authentic charcoal flavour in your next cook up with our all natural professional hardwood lump charcoal.

Produced from a super dense, single origin citrus hardwood, this is a truly versatile product that will perform in any environment making it suitable for most applications from low’n’slow, to rotisseries and open grilling.

20kg bag also available (select product option)

  • Super Dense Hardwood – Meaning you will be cooking for longer over a hotter heat source.
  • Perfect Partner – It will impart a beautiful light smokey flavour to your cooks without it overpowering the use of rubs, spices, etc… so you will taste the food you cook and not the charcoal.
  • Clean and Pure Burn – Being a single origin source, you can rely on a consistent burn every time with no guess work. Caveman steaks welcome.
  • Larger Screening Size – An average of 50mm to 100mm in diameter. Think tennis ball to lawn bowl size! Expect a couple of larger feature pieces in each bag for lovers of big lumps. #lumpday will be in overdrive.
  • All Rounder –  Ideal for all open cooking applications i.e., grills, rotisseries,… Also fantastic for use in all smokers with the larger chunks being ideal and as a support fuel to wood in offset smokers.


Pick your Firebrand Pro Charcoal up in Canberra and save on shipping. Free pickup in Watson.

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