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Premium QLD Vintage Ironbark – 15kg Double Split

Premium QLD Vintage Ironbark – 15kg Double Split

Whether you need to fire up your Woodfire Pizza Oven or your Smoker, This Premium Ironbark is the perfect natural hardwood to keep you going. Value for money, this is without doubt the best quality cooking wood available and perfect for any application.Sourced from QLD and one of the only true DOUBLE-SPLIT quality Ironbark cooking woods available, this is restaurant grade quality and the choice of fuel used in many of Australia’s best establishments and by competition BBQ teams. Quality QLD vintage Ironbark sourced from trees that have been dead and fallen for min. 15 years.Double-split and convenient size to fit within most set ups and applications.Low moisture content for an efficient and clean burn.Restaurant grade all purpose use (Offset Smokers, Pizza Ovens, Open Grills, Fire Pit, etc)Value for money 15kg heavy duty bagNote: Please ensure protective gloves are worn when handling the individual pieces to ensure you dont get harmed by the sharp splinters.

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    Suppliers may vary depending on season. Packaging may vary but wood species and quality will not.

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