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Deluxe Cyprus Grill Spit - 3mm Thick - Flaming Coals

Deluxe Cyprus Grill Spit - 3mm Thick - Flaming Coals

Model: SP010-13A

This Deluxe Foukou Cyprus Grill Spit - 3mm thick is the best quality Cyprus Grill Spit around with extra features such as an additional stainless steel charcoal pan, a warming rack, simple height adjustment, 10mm diameter long skewers, 5mm diameter kebab skewers, basket, 2 gyros disks and 2 chicken prongs. 

Suitable for:

  • Chickens, rolls of meat, roasts & gyros
  • Kebabs
  • Charcoal BBQing/ Brazilian BBQ
  • Steak, chops, sausages


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  • Specs


    NOTE: Some of the images shown were shared with us by happy customers who may have purchased additional accessories in addition to the standard inclusions. Only the parts listed below are included

    • 3mm gauge thick body
    • Free Stainless steel charcoal tray
    • 2 x 12/240v 13kg rated motors. Alligator clips and transformer provided. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a 15kg 12/240v motor or 25kg rated 240volt motor.
    • 3 x 10mm thick, 750mm long skewers
    • 12 x 5mm thick, kebab skewers
    • 2 x small roast prongs for the long skewers
    • 2 x gyros disks for the long skewers (150mm round diameter)
    • 1 x basket for the long skewers (350mm long - adjustable in width)
    • 1 x cooking grill that is also height adjustable when you are not using the 3 long skewers
    • 4 x wheels
    • Easy height adjustment functionality
    • Extra shelf to add stability/warming rack
    • Side handles for easy movement
    • Removable legs for easy transportation
    • All gears in the gear mechanisms are moulded using advanced technology powdered metallurgy and protected using Dacromet coating. This ensures they are the most durable bbq gear mechanisms on the market, far superior to the common aluminum gears.
    • 24-month warranty on motor / 12-month warranty on spit body. Warranty terms and conditions 
    • Charcoal pans are not covered by warranty. Charcoal pan usage guide
  • Dimensions


    • Firebox/cooking area: 72.5cm (L) x 34cm (W) x 10.5cm (D)
    • Total: 104cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 125 (H - max) 94cm (H from the ground to the top of the fire box. The 3 large skewers sit another 20cm higher)
    • Gauge steel: 3mm thick
    • The legs are removable
$599.00 Regular Price
$539.10Sale Price
GST Included
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