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Argentinian Quebracho Charcoal 15kg chunky bag

Argentinian Quebracho Charcoal 15kg chunky bag


The real Asado taste!


This Argentinian is made from natural wood of the native tree of our homeland of Argentina which we call 'QUEBRACHO BLANCO'.

Quebracho Blanco is widely used as Charcoal in South America as it burns strong and slowly (Approximately 4-6 hours burning time) and it grows on the north side of Argentina. With the amazing minerals from the Argentinian land, this makes the Charcoal a great and healthy product to cook with and adds great flavors to your cooking.



  • Native tree in Argentina
  • Pure QUEBRACHO BLANCO Wood Charcoal
  • Heavier than standard timber
  • Naturally processed Charcoal free of chemicals, additives or binders
  • Minimal sparking or popping
  • Natural Lumpwood Charcoal burns cleaner, hotter and longer than many other Charcoals
  • Used Charcoal can be re-lit and used again, saving you money
  • Don't pay $55 for 9kg of a well known "Big block" brand. 


Pick your Argentinian Argie Grillz Charcoal up in Canberra and save on shipping. Free pickup in Watson.

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