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The international language of BBQ

Updated: May 9, 2020

I sat down recently to watch an amazing aussie film, "Barbecue." It basically covers the BBQ cultures around the world - South Africa, USA, Japan, Syria, Sweden, Mongolia, Australia and many more. My favourite quotes were "Community is what barbecue means," and, "The meat tastes better when we gather, sit down and enjoy together."

Internationally, cooking over fire and coals brings people together.

We love seeing what the diverse community of Canberra can do with our amazing charcoals. We have met customers who cook in many styles including: Egyptian, Peruvian, Mexican, Low n Slow USA, Argentinian, Macedonia, Greek, Indian and more. We proudly supplied to the ACT multicultural festival.

Barbecue means community. Barbecue brings people together. Cook over fire. Buy good charcoal...

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