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Oktoberfest over charcoal

We love Oktoberfest. Meat.... Beer.... Friends.... Fire. That German wedding must've have been damn good back in 1800 and something! So good, they decided to re-do the party every year until now. Our top three reminders of Oktoberfest are Pork Knuckle, Roast Chicken with potato and Real Pretzels.

Pork Knuckle.

We followed this amazing technique for pork knuckle by the Lowenbrau Keller. I'm not allowed back there after drinking them dry a few times and having a few 'conversations' with security. So we took their method and stepped it up on the Kamado. Pretty much followed the method in the recipe. Then used the kamado as the oven. Fired it right up at the end to max up the crackling!

Charcoal heat!

Roast Chicken - butterflied

The other great meat from Oktoberfest is the roast Chicken. Ours is very simple. Butterflied, put in the spit basket and then roasted over quality charcoal. On this occaision the skin didn;t quite get as crispy as we liked. But the basket is fabulous and it was just a matter of placing the chook directly over the coals for 30 seconds to get the crispy skin. Baskets are awesome!


Finally, we love this Pretzel recipe:

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