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How to reverse sear a steak

Never reverse seared? Prepare to redefine how you think about steak. The texture and flavour are fantastic.

Reverse searing is surpisingly easy - we've laid it all out below - nice and simple......

Step 1- Prepare your grill

Get the grill up to 225-275f using a quality charcoal such as Firebrand Professional Lump or Great pellets.

Step 2 - Prepare your meat

To get the most out of reverse searing you need a good thick steak. Think 1.5-2 inches or thicker. Otherwise, you'll overcook it. If you have a thinner steak, just go hot and fast.

Get the steak out of the Fridge and bring it up to room temp. Give it a light coat of quality olive oil and add your rub. The truth is even simple salt will do the job. But our favourite on the tomahawk steak is our Bushrangers Beef n Brisket Rub.

Step 3 - Smoke your meat

Put your meat on the grill but keep it away from direct heat. This can be achieved by either using a pellet grill, managing your charcoal to one side of your kamado or using a deflector plate. Indirect heat and smoke is the goal. Add the smoking wood of your choice.

Step 4 - Wrap and rest your meat

Once the meat hits rare-medium rare (internal temp 120-130F), get it off the grill. Wrap it up tightly with either quality butchers paper or foil. Leave the meat rest for 15-45 minutes, depending on how long you have to serve up! This allows the juices to distribute and the steak to cook perfectly evenly through. Fire up the BBQ by either stoking the coals and opening the vents, allowing direct flame on the pellet grill or starting up the gasser. Get it blazing hot.

Step 5 - The Sear

Once that Grill is heaving hot and the meat has rested, unwrap the meat and put it on the grill. Aime for 3-4 minutes per side to get decent grill marks and a nice caramelised surface.

Once done, pull it, and serve. Because you rested already, it is cleared to serve right away. we like to slice and share a tomahawk. Depending on how hungry you are, one tomahawk steak will feed 2-4 people.

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