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Choose your pellets wisely!

Are you a part of the pellet grill revolution? Once you've made the all important decision on which grill to buy, how to best fuel you ebast is the next important decision.

Not all pellets are created equal. There is variability in burn time, temp, woods, flavours, ash, smoke and price. All these variables will affect the flavour of your cook and the lifespan of your grill.

Some pellets are reputed to contain flavour oils a terrible choice for flavouring your meat and the mucky residue they can leave.

Others are made from extremely hard woods and are a risk to the good operation of your mechanicanl auger.

We use and recommend BBQrs delight pellets. They are 100% wood, typically being 2/3rd american oak and 1/3rd the wood labelled on the front (apple, cherry, hickory). They impart an incredible flavour, have almost no ash and burn very efficiently. allowing for that efficiency makes these a great value pellet as they won't burn through as fast as some cheaper big box store pellets.

Most importantly though, it is critical that you try a range of pellets and find the ones that you like best. We love BBQr delight pellets, available through our store here.

A recent online review agreed with our opinion:

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