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Charcoal is an ingredient

Rubs, sauces, meat. They're the obvious ingredients to put into your BBQ. But have you given enough thought to just how much your cook is affected by the quality of your charcoal?

Charcoal is the fundamental driver of your cook. It gives you heat, smoke and flavour. The chunk size and the tree used to produce your charcoal will change the flavour and texture of your meal. And have you ever thought about the sustainability of your charcoal?

At Capital Charcoal, we specialise in stocking the best value, high quality charcoals which WILL improve your bbq. Further, we take a view to sustainability and only source from Australian woods, or where imported, through Australian companies.

Take for example Gidgee (above) . Gidgee is one of the hottest charcoals available on the market and comes straight from North-West New South Wales. It is hot, burns for a long time and doesn't taint your meat the way that some cheap imported unsustainable charcoals will. Gidgee comes from sustainable sources, waste-wood already cleared by approved farming activties.

Or take Mallee charcoal (right) from the Riverina Region of NSW/Vic. This incredible charcoal gives off the most wonderful smokey flavour that will remind you of an aussie campfire, or the local real charcoal chicken shop of your childhood.

Among the imported products, Firebrand is simply the only option. They have the largest chunks, think lawn bowl size and bigger. Just perfect for low and slow. It is hot, long burning and low on ash.

Charcoal truly is an ingredient as important as any other. Get yourself into some quality lump charcoal. Order now through the shop.

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