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Avoiding the meat sweats

We all know bbq meats are the best. But sometimes - you gotta mix it up right?!

So don't forget that Seafood offers some of the most amazing, sustainable and healthy options for the grill, smoke or BBQ. We've put together a few of our favourite ideas and paired it with our top products!

BBQ King Prawns and Sardines. We put this little number together and it couldn't be easier. We picked the seafood out fresh from the Fyshwick Markets. The Prawns were marinated for 45 mins in olive oil, fresh cut garlic and chilli. Don't stress about how much - use your instincts. If it doesn't work out - adjust for next time. BBQ is fun and not rocket science!

For the Sardines, we got them cleaned up at the markets and roughly followed this SBS recipe for a bit of flavour. Served with Sourdough and potato slices - 100% would smash again!

Consider cooking over our Aussie Mallee charcoal, pairing with our smoked salt (if you don't have a smoker) or adding a little Lane's Magic Dust!

Cedar Plank Salmon - You gotta try this! If you think you've had cooked salmon or smoked salmon, then prepare to find a new delicious way to enjoy the king of the ocean! Soak the Cedar plank for about an hour before hand an then add to a hot grill. Add whatever smoking woods you want and perhaps a light rub such as Lane's Sweet Heat or Magic Dust. Tastes amazing! It really picks the smoke up from the ceda which pair perfectly with the fish.

Smoked Oysters Kilpatrick. Get Oysters. Put on hot grill over Firebrand Professional Charcoal or BBQrs Delight Pellets. Add some chopped bacon. Splash in a bit of Worchestershire Suace (say that fast five times!). Serve on a platter of rock salt with Lane's Kinda Sweet Sauce! Amazeballs........

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